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Winona Beach Resort on Waitts Lake offers our guests a fishing experience that is perfect for all ages and experiences. With an array of fish species, including trout, bass, and perch, Waitts Lake has something for everyone.

Whether you are seeking a new adventure or a beginner hoping to cast your first line, Winona Beach Resort provides everything you need for a successful fishing trip.

Waitts Lake is widely recognized as one of the top fishing destinations in the region, drawing people in from everywhere. Its pristine waters cover approximately 450 acres, providing great room and depth for you to find your perfect fishing spot. The lake’s clear and clean waters create an ideal habitat for various fish species, making it great for both fly fishing and bait casting.

One of the primary attractions at Waitts Lake is its trout population. Rainbow trout are the most sought-after species, and the easiest catch for all levels of expertise. Brown trout can also be found in these waters. You may fish from a boat, dock, or the shoreline, including fly fishing, trolling, or using traditional bait, to entice these fish. With trout reaching up to 18 inches, you could be next to catch the big one!

You too can catch one of these! At Waitts Lake in Winona Beach Resort

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