Winona Beach Resorts – General Rules and Regulations

  1. DISRUPTIVE AND INAPPROPRIATE CONDUCT. Guests shall not engage in any illegal conduct or cause any unreasonable disturbance to other Guests or staff of the Resorts. Acts including physical or verbal fighting, stalking, harassment, intimidation, threats of any kind, intoxication, and obnoxious behavior commonly associated therewith is prohibited and may subject a Guest to removal from the Resort. THE RESORT HAS A NO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR PUBLIC INTIMIDATION OF ANY KIND. Our mission is to create a safe family-friendly relaxing environment.
  2. COMPLAINTS. If you have cause for complaints with respect to facilities or activities within WBR, please see the Manager of WBR. Except for emergencies, Guests are encouraged to present complaints to management in writing, signed, and dated. Management will attempt to remedy the situation, but management is not obligated to do so unless otherwise required by the rental agreement or by law. We believe, there are at least two sides to every story. Please be a good neighbor and work out issues at the lowest level. We appreciate your cooperation with these sensitive matters that may occur.
  3. RV site check in time is 1pm. RV site check out time is 11am. All nightly RV guests are responsible for leaving their site clean and garbage free when checking out. All boxes must be broken down before they are put into the dumpsters.
  4. Cabin check in time is 3pm. Cabin check out time is 11am. Please refer to our cabin check-out list sheet posted in each cabin.
  5. Quiet Hours in the park are from 10pm to 8am. Please respect your neighbors and guests around you.
  6. Fireworks are NOT allowed in any form or type at Winona Beach Resorts.
  7. All firearms must be locked and secured in a safe while on Winona Beach Resorts property.
  8. No smoking in or around all buildings. No cannabis smoking in public areas.
  9. All guests drinking alcohol must be 21 years of age. All guests must drink responsibly. No guests that show signs of intoxication will be allowed to be on or rent our boats. When purchasing alcohol at our resorts you must have appreciate ID that is specified by the Washington State liquor board. We do not accept vertical ID’s.
  10. All seasonal guests are responsible for keeping their site clean and tidy. This includes weeding and keeping it free from garbage and debris.
  11. All vacant sites are subject to be leased. DO NOT park any personal vehicles of any kind in any empty and vacant sites.
  12. Please be aware that our sewer system is a modified septic system that is sensitive the wrong solids that are flushed into the system. Please DO NOT flush any non-bio degradable products into our sewer system. When flushing your tanks, please follow your own RV instructed methods to help us eliminate sewer back-ups.
  13. No parking on waterfront grass and no parking on roadways. (This includes all vehicles and trailers.) Vehicles should be parked within their designated areas only. Do not block other vehicles and leave room for others to pass on our narrow roads. Guests boat trailers will be stored at our designated parking areas at each resort, if the guests’ boat is moored at either location. AT NO TIME WILL WE ALLOW ANY OTHER TRAILERS TO BE PARKED OVER NIGHT WITHOUT MANAGEMENT APPROVAL. During peak season we may have to limit parking to one vehicle per site. Contact the office for additional parking areas.
  14. Seasonal RV sites are allowed one tent under the following conditions: Tents must fit under the awning of the RV, are less than 10ft, are stake-free, and not permanent. A $25 tent fee per night (good for 4 people) will be charged and all dates must be approved and coordinated with the resort manager before the stay. No tents are permitted on an RV site without an RV. Tents must be removed upon departure of approved dates.
  15. Please do not leave any bright porch lights on all night as this may disturb your neighbors.
  16. Campfires are only allowed per DNR approval. Management will post notification of burn bans upon the DNR update for each season. Campfires are only allowed to be burned in appropriate fire pits. Campfires must be safely put out before retiring for the evening and never left unattended. If you are a cigarette smoker, please do not throw your cigarette butts on the ground. (No other fire source other than propane will be permitted while fire band is in effect, this includes candles, tiki torches, BBQ briquettes etc.)
  17. RV sites include a total of 4 guests per site. All additional guests must pay the applicable day use fees. Seasonal RV site tenants with additional guests must pay $50 per additional guest for the season.
  18. Boat Slips include a total of 4 people per slip. If you would like to bring more guests to enjoy your boating experience, there is a day use fee associated with every guest over 4 people. Any additional guests must pay the day use fee.
  19. All guests of Winona Beach Resorts must sign a liability waiver for all parties each new season. If you have visiting guests they must check in at the Office, sign our liability waiver, get a parking pass and pay the day use fee. You are responsible for your guests to understand all the regulations and abide by the general camp rules. All visitors must exit the park by dusk.
  20. When entering the resort after dark, you are responsible for closing the gate after you enter the resort. (Winona only)
  21. Parking of partially wrecked, inoperative, unlicensed, unsightly, or junk motor vehicles on any site or in the resort is prohibited. The resort reserves the right to remove any abandoned vehicles at the guest’s sole expense; and, in entering onto resort property, guest authorizes the same and releases the resort from any liability therefore. No repairs or maintenance are to be performed on your own personal vehicles within either camp without permission from resort management. Washing any vehicles is NOT permitted within the resort property. RV power washing should only take place at the beginning of April or at the end of September.
  22. Guests may have up to two pets per RV site. All dogs in the resort must be on a leash. Guests are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Guests with pets must provide documentation of current pet vaccinations upon request. Guests with pets are required to pay either the daily or seasonal pet fee for each pet.
  23. Pets are not allowed in laundry facilities, public showers, or on any resort rentals. Dog washing is not permitted in the park. Pets are not allowed on the swimming beach. Dogs may swim in designated areas only. (WBR – left of dock 2. North – between the fishing docks & cleaning station) No dogs allowed in cabins showers, if there is evidence of pet cleaning in the showers your pet deposit will not be refunded.
  24. Day use guests with pets must register their pet at the office and pay the pet day use fee.
  25. Fishing is permitted on designated docks only. Fishing is not permitted off the shoreline or swimming area. Guests using the fish cleaning station must leave the station clean and free of any remains and garbage.
  26. The speed limit at Winona Beach Resorts is 5 mph. Be aware and cautious of kids, pets, and resort maintenance vehicles at all times. Drive safely and use caution. (If any one vehicle has multiple speed violations it will be handled by the management of the resorts).
  27. Guests must be 16 years of age to drive ATVs, golf carts, and side by sides in Winona Beach Resorts. Guests may exit and enter the resort on ATVs and motorcycles, but only directly to and from your site. Please drive as SLOWLY and QUIETLY as possible. No guests are permitted to hang off or stand on golf carts and ATVs while in motion.
  28. Please ride bicycles with caution and keep speed down. Bicycles are not allowed in the grassy areas, beach area, or on any of the docks.
  29. Seasonal guests must have their seasonal parking pass clearly displayed at all times.
  30. Generators are not permitted at Winona Beach Resorts. Exterior appliances will need to be approved by management.
  31. Guests with boats are responsible for removing their vessel if it breaks down, sinks, or is otherwise not functioning. If assistance by Winona staff is required to remove your vessel, your account may be charged up to $250. If professional assistance is required for removal, you are responsible for the entire cost of removal. Winona staff is not responsible for any damage that occurs during the removal process.
  32. No personal watercraft can be kept at the beach. All kayak/paddle board/floats or other personal watercraft must be stored at your RV site or cabin.
  33. SIGNS AND ADVERTISING. Except as specifically permitted in any written agreement between guest and Winona Beach Resorts, Guests shall not permit or allow any advertising medium to be placed on exterior walls or windows, on the sidewalks, parking lot areas, light poles, or resorts. Guests shall not display on their site or in any common area any political signs, flags or any banners, pennants, trade or seasonal decorations of any size, style or material on the resorts, except in areas as may be designated by Winona Beach Resorts. Manager may, in its reasonable discretion require any guest to remove any sign or similar medium on a site that is visible from a common area.
  34. Any satellite of any kind or any physical structures that you would like to install at your 
RV site must be approved through Winona Beach Resorts management.

Beach, Swim, and Dock Safety Rules and Regulations

  1. Swim at your own risk. There are no lifeguards on duty. No pushing or horse play on the swim docks.
  2. Swim hours are 8am to dusk. No night swimming allowed at either resort.
  3. All day use, fishing, beach, and swim area guests must register at the office and pay applicable day use fees.
  4. All children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  5. All children 12 and under must wear a life vest while on the dock.
  6. No running on the docks. No swimming, diving, or skiing from the docks. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT OUR DOCKS CAN GET SLIPPERY. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILTY TO BE CAUTIOUS WHILE USING OUR DOCKS.
  7. No swimming under the docks. Guests who swim under the docks will be asked to leave the swimming area immediately. Anyone that “Cries Wolf” while in our swimming area will be asked to leave immediately.
  8. No scuba diving.
  9. No sliding down or hanging on the swim area handrail. (Winona)
  10. No glass containers permitted on the docks, fishing, and swim areas.
  11. No pets permitted on the beach or in the swim areas.
  12. No fishing permitted in the swim areas.
  13. Only registered guests are permitted to night fish and must carry appropriate lighting. Night fishing is only permitted on docks 1 and 2 at Winona Beach and at the North Winona fishing dock.
  14. All personal items must be removed from the beach/swim area each day by dusk. This includes shade tents, umbrellas, chairs, towels, toys, etc. All kayak/paddle boards/floats or other personal watercraft must be stored at your RV site or cabin. Items left on the beach after dusk will be collected and donated to a local charity.
  15. No personal items such as extension cords or satellites are permitted on the docks.
  16. The only music allowed at both resorts swim beach areas are with the use of your own personal listening devices that provides your own personal music enjoyment. Please no public loud music!

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